Welcome to Betternomics

This is the typical menu for the account owners of "Betternomics" where you process your data from anywhere around the globe. Review your data with the data management of your choice.

So the simplicity of "Betternomics" is to process work orders for corrective maintenance, periodic maintenance and demand maintenance. One screen does all you need to keep currrent and compliant.

For your customers there is the Request Work Order where they enter what they want in order to notify you that they need help in making sure their equipment is operating 100% of the time so that DOWNTIME is reduced and PRODUCTION is 100%.

Keep in mind, while maintenance management is the most critical part of any company to keep production working, compliant in your area, Omeganomics also has the tools for ISO development. Processes can be created to be a continuing part of any company's operation.

Click the links below to access the data management forms for "BETTERNOMICS."

Work Order Requests

Complete Work Orders

PM Inspections
Click the above picture to issue a "Request Work Order." This work order request will be sent to your email and other emails in your department. This work order request also resides in your account for backup. Take the data sent to you from the Work Order Request, then fix the equipment, then update this Work Order Request in the Complete Work Order screen. Click the above "Complete Work Orders" icon to process corrective maintenance and demand maintenance work orders. Click the above "PM Inspections" icon to process and complete periodic maintenance inspections.

Help Desk

Parts Data

Equipment Data
Click the above "Help Desk" icon to process and track all your contacts for customers, prospects, vendors, manufacturers, government, and ny other kind of contact that you want to track. Click the above "Parts Data" icon to process all your parts and material. This gives you the ability to build your parts and material inventory for repairs, preventive maintenance, and other inspection work orders. Click the above "Equipment Data" icon to process and retain all your equipment data. Enter your first schedule of periodic maintenance and other information.

Purchase Order Req's

PM Schedules

Click on the above "Purchase Order Req's" icon to process your purchase order requisitions. Click on the above "PM Schedules" icon to process your periodic maintenance schedules.
Click on the above "Support" icon to request support for "Betternomics."


Web Sites for more information:

www.amerisoftwest.com; the beginning of maintenance management from the 1970's and how the journey has brought us today where client/server data, the web and cloud make it all possible.

www.omeganomics.com; "Private Labeled" written in C++ and Microsoft DOT NET C# programming.

www.betternomics.com; a simple process where the customer starts entering data on the first day. A web based product.

www.basicnomics.com; This is what is called "Make It Work." American Services Group processes data from your legacy maintenance documents. The only task for the customer is to enter work orders on the web.

www.cmmsworks.com; information on maintenance management that provides samples of what is created and used for reporting.